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Discover hand in hand with us the wonderful world of alpaca.

Munay is an exclusive brand promoting alpaca wool accessories to dress up your home and your everyday life. The ancient Incas considered alpaca wool to be their most precious commodity, and Munay is bringing this coveted treasure to you.

Our baby alpaca wool products aim to introduce you to the qualities of this little-known material, which is gentle, soft, warm, and extremely hard-wearing. They also stand out for their quality, elegance, and sophistication, as well as for a wide variety of colours to choose from.

Each piece is carefully designed according to ancient Inca tradition by the finest Peruvian artisans, and curated with enthusiasm and care by two young entrepreneurs.

Alpaca wool is an extremely light, soft, and strong fibre. It contains microscopic air pockets that make it perfect to use it as thermal wear. These pockets retain the heat in cold temperatures. When the weather is warmer, it allows the skin to breathe. It is an exceptionally elastic natural material that belongs to the so-called ‘noble fibres’ which include mohair, cashmere, and angora.

Alpaca is sheared with knives or scissors, usually once a year. Colours range from white to black, passing through up to 22 different shades (from intermediate shades of brown, grey and other natural colours). No other noble fibre offers so many natural colours for textile production.

  • Alpaca Fleece: This fibre comes from the customary annual shearing of the alpaca. Its diameter is 25.5 - 26.5 microns.
  • Baby Alpaca: This is obtained at the first shearing in the alpaca’s life. Its quality is higher because it is softer than hair that comes from later shearings. The term baby does not refer to the alpaca’s age, as all of them need to reach adulthood (3 years old) before they are ready for their first shearing. The diameter of baby alpaca fibre is 22.5 microns.
  • Royal Alpaca or Premium Baby Alpaca: This is the highest quality variety. It is a selection of the best baby alpaca fibres, which are normally located on the back and closest to the skin. The diameter is about 19.5 microns.

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